Finish Options

Standard Factory Finishes

Durakryl 102®

Our standard finish on countertops, islands, commercial foodservice tops, workbench tops and locker bench seats is DURAKRYL 102, a proprietary urethane-based satin finish. It is food-safe, resistant to stains and most solvents, and cleans up with warm soapy water. Stubborn spills or stains can be removed with nail polish remover.

DURAKRYL 102 resists marring, is moisture resistant, and meets the test requirements of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing Association (KCMA).

The formulation, when cured, leaves an inert film. The constituents of the cured film have been tested by an independent university laboratory and found to be non-toxic. The film is approximately 95% cured during the manufacturing process and 100% cured within two weeks of manufacture. Only inert film is present on installed tops as manufactured.

DURAKRYL 102 has been tested against many common household and industrial products. The results are listed as passed or no effect (P) and failed or moderate to severe effect (F). A moderate effect would be a softening or discoloration of the finish.

Rubbed Oil

Our standard finish on butcher block cutting boards, chopping blocks and specialty boards is mineral oil. Mineral oil has been the traditional finish used by butchers for over a century to keep their blocks looking and functioning at their best.

All Wood Welded® butcher block products with a rubbed oil finish are fabricated with a generous coating of oil. Mineral oil penetrates the block, thus sealing the pores of the wood, inhibiting moisture penetration and extending the life of the block.

While mineral oil is a fine finish, it does require occasional maintenance. It is possible that the block may have dried during storage and shipping, thus we recommend re-oiling the board prior to its first use. Maintenance thereafter depends upon the environment and the amount of use. When the block begins to look dry and “chalky”, the block should be re-oiled. Pure mineral oil can be purchased at your local drug store. We DO NOT recommend using any oil made of vegetable or animal fats, as these types of oils run the risk of going rancid and can be a health issue.

Wood Welded has also developed, Emmet’s Elixir, a product specifically for oiled cutting surfaces. Emmet’s Elixir is an all-natural anti-microbial cutting board conditioner made of food-safe mineral oil and beeswax.


Wood Welded butcher block is also available unfinished. Unfinished butcher block comes without our standard 1-year warranty. The reason for this is that wood is hygroscopic, meaning its moisture content will constantly fluctuate. A finish stabilizes the moisture content of the block. Without finish, the wood can end-check and warping can occur. If you choose to take delivery of an unfinished butcher block, the quality of the block is every bit as high as our finished block, and as long as a finish is applied immediately, the block will function as intended. Note: the longer the block goes unfinished, and the greater the difference in environment, the greater the chance the block will develop problems. This is natural to wood and is not a manufacturing defect.

Aftermarket Finishes

Emmet's Elixir Wood Conditioner

Emmet’s Elixir is an all-natural, anti-microbial formulation of beeswax and food-safe mineral oil that is ideal for our unfinished and rubbed oil butcher block products. This easy-to-use, cream-based conditioner provides a protective sealant and restorative luster. It is designed to penetrate the wood and give the surface a seal of wax to prolong the period of time between re-oiling. The clean rosemary-lemon scent is also an anti-microbial agent.

Emmet’s Elixir Wood Conditioner is an aftermarket product. It is the only cutting board conditioner certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF®), making it approved for use in commercial foodservice operations. Available in 4 oz., 16 oz., and 1 gallon units.

Emmet's "Good Stuff"® Wood Finish

Emmet’s “Good Stuff” is an easy-to-use urethane gel that is compatible with our DURAKRYL 102 finish. Developed as an aftermarket finish to reseal areas that have been cut or modified for custom installation by a contractor; to touch up a worn block; or to completely refinish a top.

Formulated with fast drying synthetic oils, Good Stuff is designed for easy application with a lint-free cloth or rag. It’s crystal clear satin finish will enhance the natural beauty of wood while offering an outstanding protective finish that is resistant to moisture and most solvents. Please follow the instructions on the can for application instructions.