Residential Products

Wood Just Works

Today’s kitchens are the hub of the household—a gathering place for cooking, conversation, the evening craft project and just catching up.

When choosing a countertop surface to stand-up to the rigors of everyday living, wood is the natural choice. Its warmth, beauty and durability are timeless. Maybe it’s because our butcher block is solid through and through and what living brings in, sandpaper easily takes out. Or perhaps it’s our inherent human affinity to all things natural. Whatever it is, wood just works.

Used alone or as a complement to tile, granite, solid surface, concrete or laminates, solid hardwood butcher block is at home in any kitchen or bath design plan.

Wood Welded®, the original innovator of laminated Butcher Block surfaces, offers countertops and kitchen island tops in a variety of wood species, sizes and edge styles. From standard sizes to custom configurations, our flexible fabrication methods allow us to craft a butcher block surface specific to your needs.