Industrial Institutional

Wood Works Harder

Today’s work environments are changing. Workers are spending more hours in the workplace, which demands spaces be both conducive to productivity—and comfortable.

When choosing a surface to stand-up to all the ways people work, edge-grain butcher block is the natural choice. Its warmth and durability are unmatched. It transforms cold, sterile work environments into spaces for comfortable productivity.

Our UV-cured Durakryl 102® factory finish is imperviousto most solvents. It’s stain-resistant and cleans up with common cleaning solutions. When properly maintained, your investment will last a lifetime. And butcher block tops can be easily resurfaced, repurposed or recycled.

Wood Welded®, the original innovator of laminated Butcher Block surfaces, offers tops in a range of sizes to fit most industrial and institutional applications. Our fabrication methods allow for flexibility and complete customization for cut-outs, grommets, pilot holes, routed surfaces and parts trays.

From factories and shipping fulfillment centers, to shops, garages, assembly lines, and even “clean room” laboratories, choose Wood Welded butcher block for the best in versatility and functionality.