Edge Profiles

Stock and Custom Edge Profiles

Add a unique design detail. Bring visual continuity to a complementary solid surface. Or tailor a top specific to your work style. There is no better way than by selecting the right edge profile. Wood Welded® Butcher Block tops are available finished in a variety of stock and custom edge profiles, including special order options.



Radius Top




Standard Edge Profile

The Square edge profile is standard on most Wood Welded products including countertops, kitchen islands and workbench tops. If the square edge does not fit your design or taste, custom edge profiles can be specified at the time of ordering.

Custom Edge Profile

Radius, bullnose and ogee edges are also available with our stock fabrication equipment. These are considered custom and can be specified with your dealer or distributor at the time of ordering.

Special Order Edge Profile

Have a special edge request? Our flexible fabrication methods allow us to offer virtually any edge profile. We use high-quality Amana woodworking router bits to cut edge profiles. Shown here are the “Classical Cove and Bead” (Amana) and the “Classical Cove and Bead with a Double Roundover” (Memphis) on various thicknesses. These are designated as a custom edge profile and should be specified at the time of ordering.

Amana Edge 1 1/2"

Amana Edge 1 3/4"

Amana Edge 2 1/4"

Memphis Edge 1 1/2"

Memphis Edge 1 3/4"

Memphis Edge 2 1/4"

Edge Profiles Relative to Thickness

The diagram below illustrates edge profiles relative to different thicknesses of butcher block.