Locker Benches

European Birch Locker Benches

European Birch Locker Benches

Wood Welded® Locker Benches are manufactured in Europe to our exacting specifications. Constructed of European birch, these benches feature durable, edge-grain lamination using a PVA glue. This glue allows for expansion/contraction of the lamination joints, lending the necessary flexibility to endure a locker room environment. They are finished with a UV light-cured urethane, an extremely hard finish that will stand up to the rigors of a busy locker room. The finish is below the reporting threshold for VOC emissions.

Standard Configuration

36" x 9.5"ALBB03695
42" x 20"ALBB04220
48" x 9.5"ALBB04895
48" x 12"ALBB04812
48" x 20"ALBB04820
48" x 24"ALBB04824
60" x 9.5"ALBB06095
72" x 9.5"ALBB07295
72" x 12"ALBB07212
72" x 24"ALBB07224
96" x 9.5"ALBB09695
96" x 12"ALBB09612
120" x 9.5"ALBB12095
120" x 12"ALBB12012
144" x 9.5"ALBB14495
144" x 12"ALBB14412
144" x 24"ALBB14424

Thickness: 1 1/4″
Wood Species: Birch
Finishes: Durakryl 102™